About Us

AWC About UsAWC was founded in 2002 with the corporate objective of developing, building, installing, operating and administering wireless telecommunication infrastructure.  AWC’s founders have over 24 years of experience in the mobile industry. Our business is based on creating long term mutually beneficial strategic alliances.

We are a company committed to developing and sharing success with our partners. We are grounded on the needs of today, but are always looking forward and planning for the needs of tomorrow.

Provide our clients with wireless telecommunication solutions, from basic infrastructure to customized applications, address the challenges of their business and constantly maintain outstanding quality of service while remaining abreast of the latest innovations in our field.

Use our resources and experience efficiently to create safe, compliant and quality solutions for our clients and the telecommunications industry as a whole.

Management Team
Gerald A. Torres, President
Luiz A. Penna, Vice President
Miguel E. Bonilla, Legal Counsel
Melissa Morales, General Manager

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